Music is about expressing emotion, thought, and feeling. What makes music interesting is that there are restraints; time, melody, notation, chord structure, vocal ability, lyrics, etc. Intertwine that with mixing, producing, production, recording, and mastering and you can have real beauty and true art. The best songs are those with the most emotion that has been contained and contained and expressed well. How much emotion, thought, feeling and passion can you contain in this box. A box that can be unpacked again and again.

We all have songs in our lives that we think of straight away that makes us feel something special or unique. Songs that helped us cope or survive something. Songs to match memories, first kiss, wedding dance, songs that helped us survive grief or loss. Music is an eternal gift that is of this age and the age to come. It is the only true universal language that sees’s no boundaries, no barriers, no colours, no gender, no race. It sees the expression in it’s truest form, from which can evoke all the senses.

We aim to share music that has this response, old, new, big, small. It doesn’t matter. But can it make us dance, can it make us sing, can it make us cry or can it make us laugh?

If the answer to one of those is yes, then it's KickChill.